Cinderella From Hasbro

This article was published on June 13, 2019   

Today I was shopping for very normal stuff like food and mineral water and such stuff in our local Kaufland. They also have a toy section and whenever I went there I look at this section too, except I don't have money for dolls. Today I had a little bit of money left and I found her, Cinderella from Hasbro. Because she was the last one on the shelf and it is one of the older ones that has changeable clothes I had to buy her and add her to my doll collection.

Cinderella has blond hair with a blue hair bow on it, a beautiful face with blue eyes and a very lovely smile. She wears a blue necklace which is removable. Her dress is wonderful blue with white sleeves and has a little bit of glitter on it. The bottom of her dress has a beautiful rose pattern and it goes all around. Other than on the new Disney princesses, her entire dress is changeable. It has a Velcro on it. She also wears blue heals.

The Articulation:

You can turn her head side to side, up and down and around. Her arms are movable forward and backwards and and to the side and the same goes for her hips. She can stand on its own and she can sit.


She is a little bit taller than the other Disney Princess dolls from Hasbro.


I really like this doll and I'm proud that I found her, which was not easy because all other toy stores only have those newer princesses with painted on tops.


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