My Ariel Animator doll has arrived

This article was published on June 6, 2019   

Today is a good day again, like yesterday where I found a very beautiful SteffiLove doll for my SteffiLove doll collection. This time I got my next Animator doll from the Disney store for just 22,40 € + 3,90 € for shipping, because she was on sale. This is what I really like on the Disney store. They have their Animator dolls quite often on sale.

The doll I ordered and got today is of course my favorite Disney princess Ariel with her little fish friend Flounder as a her little plush toy. She has her typical red long hair. There is a lot of gel inside her hair as always and I recommend to wash her hair which I will do next week. She has green big eyes which makes these dolls so cute and she wears pink lipstick. Her bikini top she is wearing is purple and has a big bow on it. The highlight of her dress are her big fins. Both, her top and her fins are easy removable, because they have a Velcro on the back. She doesn't come with shoes, but she can stand on her own, even without shoes.

The articulation:

She can turn her head side to side, up, down and around and she can rotate her head 360&dec;. She can move her arms forwards, backwards, to the side and around and she can sit with spread legs.

Changes to older versions:

It seems like her hair is better rooted than before and she looks straight up instead of to the side like in older versions.

I have to say, I really love my little mermaid toddler and I can recommend her especially for collectors, but not so much for children, because these dolls are more collectors items than play dolls.


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