Fashionista 103 and the doll hunt

This article was published on June 3, 2019   

Today I was hunting for new dolls again and I visited my local Smyths Toys store. To my surprise even though I was not looking for them, the Our Generation doll section has grown up. There are 7 by 3 rows of different Our Generation dolls now and that gives me hope that the doll I looking for is available one day. That's really good news for me. But there are still no Toy Story 4 dolls, no Snapstar girls, no made to move Barbies, thanks good a medium sized Fashionistas section which makes me kinda happy.

The doll I brought home is Fashionista 103 which is a very beautiful Barbie with very long hair and big boots and a unicorn dress. She also comes with sunglasses which I really like. I'm so happy that I could find her, because she is a wanted doll.


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