A new doll child entered my doll family

This article was published on March 31, 2019   

Doll hunting one day before Children's Day is something I will never do once again, because the time to wait on the cash register is way to long. I had to wait over 30 minutes in row of a lot of people at the local store called Spielemax without any air conditioning. I was already pissed off, because as always at Smyths Toys I found nothing I wanted. No Made to Move Barbies, no Snapstar girls and no Toy Story 4 dolls. Just basic stuff as always. Then I went to Spielemax and I found something cute which was on sale too. But then I saw this line of people and I was thinking, should I really wait? But this little girl, I always wanted was worth the wait time and not only because of the doll.

In front of me was a woman with her children and their grandma and they ask me to show the doll because the young mother of two wonderful children wanted to know what the doll is wearing. I showed her the doll and then she said that my daughter must be lucking to become such a cute doll for Children's Day. I said: "no it's for me, I haven't a child but I'm a doll collector". She looked a bit confused and the grandma said: "Why not". We talked a bit about my doll collection without having any problems with it. These are the moments as a doll collector which are so wonderful, when you hear nothing bad about your doll collection hobby.

And here she is, a wonderful cuddling doll with long blond hair, blue eyes a cute outfit and a hair band in her hair. I call her Annabelle, because I don't have a doll with this name and I like the name and because it's a Baby Annabelle doll. Here are some pictures of her and more of this will follow in the future on my Instagram.


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