My Supergirl toddler doll has arrived

This article was published on February 28, 2019   

On the last day of each month, I gonna to hunt for new dolls most of the time in local stores such as Spielemaxx or Toys'R Us. But this time I was searching online for new dolls. I found out that Jakks Pacific also produce toddler versions of the DC Superhero girls and found Supergirl which is my favorite DC Superhero. She has a such cute face that I can't resist and ordered her on Wednesday and got her almost 24 hours later. Supergirl comes with her default outfit with the blue top with has the Superman logo on it and a red skirt and a yellow tulle stripe on it. On the blue top is her red cape attached which is not removable. She also wears a yellow belt and red removable Boots. She has blond hair and wears a light blue head band which is attached with those plastic things. She can turn her head side to side but also up and down a little bit. She can move her arms forward and backward and also her legs. She can stand on its own, but she sits with spreaded legs.

Bad things about the doll

  • There is tons of gel in her hair.
  • The unboxing took nearly 15 minutes because of those plastic stripes in her hair.
  • She does has some bald spots.
  • Her feet are in a weird V-shape position
  • The guy who cut her hair must be drunken.

But over all I really love this doll and I'm proud to have her in my doll collection. She only costs 20€ + shipping.


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