Caitlin aka Killer Frost has arrived

This article was published on January 19, 2019   

Today I got my new doll from Amazon I bought and her name is Caitlin aka Killer Frost from the DC Superhero Girls. She is one of those Heros which is not so well known like Supergirl or Wonder Woman and she appears not in every DC Superhero Girl film, but she is still part of the superhero family. I'm really happy to have her in my doll family, because when I looked for her, she was sold out and sadly I had to buy her online. I really don't like that, because normally I support the local stores.

Caitlin comes in a really beautiful blue suit with some fuzzy parts. She also wears light blue boots. On the boots, the fuzzy part is only molded plastic. She also came with a blue belt around her waist and a blue shield around her neck. On her right hand she wears a blue shard of ice.

Like every other DC Superhero Girl she is full poseable. She has a neck joint, a joint on her upper body, joints on her shoulders, elbows and her wrists and also on her legs and she can bend her knees. She has a bluish skin tone like a frosty girl must have. She has blue eyes and wears blue lipstick and her eyebrows are also blue. Her hair is light blue with some dark blue strand of hair in between.

I really wanted her and I love this doll already. I give her 4 stars out of 5. The reason for that is, that my dolls right elbow joint is very loose and I have to fix her pants with some stitches. If you like DC Superhero Girls I really can recommend her.


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