The doll at school experiment

This article was published on January 15, 2019   

In the last two month I had an education at school and I wanted to know how other people react to someone who collect dolls as an adult men. On the first day I was not brave enough to tell other students that I collect dolls. On the second day I had Supergirl with me and I placed her on my desk and I said that I like to decorate my desk like at home. The first reaction that I got was: "Oh he is playing with dolls". I leave her on my desk but no one said something about my doll until we had breakfast. I told them that I'm a doll collector and that I love dolls. The reaction was "Oh that's interesting".

From this day on I brought another doll to the school every day. They liked all my dolls I brought with me and never experienced something bad. The never said something like that dolls are for kids especially that dolls are for girls or that they thing that I'm gay. They were very nice to me and my dolls.

The only typical thing which someone said was: "Do you know about Chucky?". My Typical Awnser to a question is always "yes, but does my doll looks like Chucky? I don't thing so".

This shows that people don't always judge you for what you are. I thing that's more an internet problem and when people say something bad about your dolls, that they are only jealous. I would be interested in your experiences with other people when it comes to dolls. Tell me in the comments below.


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