My decision on the new YouTube terms

This article was published on November 19, 2019   

On January 1, 2020 new terms of services applies to every single content creator on YouTube. It is all about the protection of children and their personal data because of illegal actions of YouTube in the past. YouTube was collecting every single personal data from children without knowing of their parents which is against the COPPA law which was enacted in October 21, 1998 and finally active since April 21, 2000. So the COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) isn't new, but YouTube got caught by the FTC and had to pay a lot of money for violating the COPPA law.

Now they put the pressure on us. We have to decide if our content is for children or not. And here comes the tricky part. If you decide your content is not for children, but it actually is and you get caught by the FTC you can be sued for violating the COPPA Law over an amount of over 40000 USD per video. If you say that your videos are for children you lose your comment section and other features. But here is the problem. If you say it is for children but it actually is not, we don't know what is happening then.

My decision is, that I say my content is for children. Yes I lose my comment section and you can't like or dislike my videos, but it is the most save option I have. I will post every video on this website under videos and you can post your comments there and I will post a thumbnail of my new videos on Instagram so you can comment and like there as well.

My YouTube Channel is too important for me to give up. And an other platform is not an option, because if it is located in the United States, the COPPA law will apply to them too. So for all of those who think about to change the platform, please make sure that this platform is not located in the United States. Facebook and Instagram is located in Ireland so IG-TV is an option.

Btw. you will find the link to every video in the description on YouTube. To comment on my website you need a Disqus, Twitter, Facebook or Google account. So if you already have a YouTube channel you have a Google account as well.


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