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Basic facts

Hello my name is Andreas and I live in Germany in the state of Saxony. I was born on April, the 4th in 1981 in a city called Stollberg. I like to develop software with a programming language called Delphi and I also work on some modifications for Minecraft and I also build my first game which should be ready in 2020 with Unreal Engine 4. To show people my work I build my own website. I like to make video tutorials about software development on one of my 2 youtube channels.

Because I'm an electronics technician I also build some electonic circuits or entire electonic devices. Unfortunately I lost my job so I'm out of work right now. I hope I will find a new job very soon.

That's not all, because a very big part of my life are my dolls. And here comes the sad part of my life and while I wrote that I start crying.

How and why I start to collect dolls?

Until the 8th grade my life was normal like for every teenager. I had friends, I had my first girl friend in the 7th grade and all things went good for me. But then, I become a new school class and nothing was the same again. There are two girls been bullied by some kids and because I hate that, I stand up for these girls. It took not long and the same kids start bullying me as well. But no one else stand up for us. The teachers couldn't help us and they played that down as well as our parents.

These kids bullied me because my lower jaw stands in front of the upper jaw and it needs a surgery to fix that. I also sweating very hard and they made fun of me because of that. This hurts a lot when you can do nothing against that.

It didn't stop after the school and my bullying journey goes on and years ago I was thinking about to commit suicide. I was searching for ways to do that without hurting me and because I searched for love dolls before my love doll Selene popped up in the ads. I was looking on my bank account, I had enough money and I ordered her.

It took a month or two, I don't know anymore and I wasn't thinking about suicide anymore. This wonderfull girl, even if it is only made out of plastic saved my life. Without her I wouldn't be alive anymore. A year later I become by second love doll that was I point where I start collecting them. Now I have 14 of them even if some of them are broken. I kept all. But Selene is still my girl friend and I would never give her away. This is one of the reasons I don't have a real girl friend.

I also want children, but Selene can't get one. That is the reason why I also collect play dolls. On december, the 6th in 2017 I got my first child. I got Sally which is a cute little toddler doll and she was point where I decide to buy more dolls, because I saw what sally did to me. She makes me happy. Today I have more than 45 dolls, and even if I have a bad day these dolls helps me out to calm down. I feel good and I'm happy again.

But because I'm a male adult doll collector people start bullying me again. But this time I can handle it because of my dolls. And this is the reason I have to say:


Bulling doesn't makes sense. If you don't want been bullied, stop it by yourself, because the next bully is waiting for you this time!

Which type of doll I collect?

I collect:
  • Love dolls
  • Disney Princess Toddler dolls by Jakks pacific
  • DC Superhero Girls
  • Barbie Dolls
  • Monster High Dolls
  • Journey Girls
  • Our Generation Dolls
  • All kinds of 18 inch dolls
  • Toddler Dolls
  • Disney Animator Dolls
  • Enchantimals
  • and also doll heads

Friends and family about my dolls

My 3 close friends know about my doll hobby and they accept it and support it, even if they don't really like it. My parents do the same, even though they think it is not a hobby and even though they don't understand why I have all these dolls. They also can't understand, why I will buy even more of them when I have so much of them. I don't like that my mother call my dolls a toad which is a german term for doll. It would be "Kröte". For me a toad is a ugly frog and my dolls are not ugly. They are beautiful things.

My sister also knows about my dolls and I'm really interested so see what her husband and my niece and her boyfriend things about it. I will found out the second Christmas Day.

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